оꜰꜰɪᴄɪᴀʟ ᴘᴀʀтɴᴇʀ
Owner Paintsplatters
IP realmportalmc.xyz
Website https://realmportalmc.xyz
Players 3/500
Version 1.20.4
Rank 2
Votes 21
Uptime 100%
Last Check 24 minute(s) ago
Country Germany
Types TownySurvivalEconomyMCMMOSMP

▣ Embark on an epic journey and choose from several classes with various skills and abilities. Level up RPG style and craft hundreds of unique custom items. Battle dozens of thrilling and diverse mobs, and challenge 40+ new and menacing bosses in an immersive towny experience.

▣ Descend into massive and intricate dungeons. Feel the excitement of each battle and the satisfaction of solving each puzzle. Explore detailed rooms for exclusive loot and unique gear.

▣ Take to the skies flying on dragons and discover dozens of colourful new biomes in the open-world wilderness to build your thriving town using the 300+ vibrant new blocks and furniture pieces. Like music for one's eyes.

▣ Engage in the bustling economy with player shops, auctions as well as functional factories and farms to bring your town to life.

▣ Protect your majestic fortress and riches with land claims and the ability to lock containers. Griefing and stealing are forbidden and can easily be undone.

▣ Enjoy an immersive and captivating experience with new textures, models and sounds, No mods are needed. Simply accept our resource pack on join. We are 100% free to play with no P2W elements.

▣ Realmportal has a decade-long online presence that has an experienced and active owner, mature and responsible staff, and a non-toxic